Friday, May 1, 2009


I am using my parent's computer right now, and so I have access to their pictures... Here's a teaser snippet of our trip to Hawaii with the RolyPolyOly!

Mauna Kea Beach

Chillin at the Condo

"Snorkle Beach" aka Banyans

Gramma Cathi and Oly


♥Aubrey said...

I'm so jealous...Seth promised me we'd go and i'm still waiting! I have secretly set aside a fund account and we're going for his 2 weeks mid-tour :) ...Shhhh...
You'll have to tell me all the BEST places to go. I want to see more...more...more.

brooke said...

ooohhh i am SO jealous!! we are hoping to take our family vacation there next year. PLUS i cannot believe you look so amazing in a bikini!!! dang lady!!! what a fun time it looks like you had! can't wait to see more photos!!!