Saturday, October 3, 2009

fall days

Steve hasn't been home for more than 24 hours since Labor Day weekend (3 nights, mostly spent sleeping)... boo.  But I did just find these pics from that weekend when we had our lovely guests the Sorensens over for 3 days of rain rain go away... and good fellowship, talks, lattes, garage sales and wine.  Yum.



Stopped over at the folks place this last week when my car was sputtering/stalling/in bad shape so Dad could change the spark plugs... ended up going to the mechanic instead :)  Luckily, $350 later, I have new spark plugs, wires, and valve covers.  Apparently I am lucky my car didn't kaput at a stoplight 6 months ago with the condition of my spark plugs.  Who knew all the cylinders firing at the right time depended on 4 little pieces of metal?  Anyway, caught these pictures of Oly while Grandpa was looking under the hood of the Subaru.

Started my FIRST FIRE in the fireplace Thursday night... IT.WAS.AWESOME.  Felt like fall, winter, cozyness... I loved it.  Only wishing Steven was here to share it with me... just a few more weeks and he will be!

I have thought multiple times since Steve started his business and traveling so much... WAIT A MINUTE - I GOT MARRIED SO I DIDN"T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS!  Aka car breakdowns, cutting and putting up my own Christmas tree, plumbing backups and the creepy roto rooter man, shoveling mountains of snow, frozen pipes, chopping kindling to start a fire, attending weddings solo... but you know, I think it is just making me stronger and tougher.  You just learn to deal with it, and find people to help you out.  And BOY do I have more respect for single moms/dads, and those who have spouses deployed in the military...  it's not easy doing it all on your own.  YOU GUYS ROCK.   I don't know how you do it.

Happy Fall weekend folks, hope it is FANTASTIC and you are enjoying watching and feeling the season changing!


ann said...

Let me know if you need company! Danny and I would love to help fill your days and nights with fun. :)

Ela said...

Oh what a sweet little boy you have! And that fire looks so nice and cozy! Hope the weeks before he comes home, flies by for you!