Saturday, May 15, 2010

finally, wedding pics!

I am FINALLY posting some pictures from Ariyl's wedding!  I had to steal them off her fabulous photographer's (Heidi Michelle) facebook page.  We took pictures in downtown Madison (Capitol Steps), in the U-District by the lake, and at a great park by the lake.  Then we headed out to Badger Farms for the ceremony and kick-a** reception. 

I think we were all laughing at some crazy dude dancing behind Heidi...

UM, Ariyl's brothers are so cute.  Seriously.
 Note the beautiful dandelion bouquet.

The ceremony was so special and wonderful to be a part of.  We all walked in to the ceremony to the song Amazing Grace.  Beautiful Ariyl walked in to the last verse

when we've been here ten-thousand years
bright shining as the sun
there's no less days to sing God's praise
than when we've first begun

Oh dear... I loved watching and being a part of two people (who I love) loving one another and joining together in marriage....  More on that in a later post.

 This is one of my FAVORITE pictures from just after the ceremony - I don't know why but Travis in the background showing off his ring just cracks me up!

The food  at the reception was great.  I had to laugh because when the caterers arrived to set up they were all looking like college hipsters - you know skinny jeans, vintage tees, chuck taylors, plaid shirts.  I thought "THESE are the caterers?"  But seriously, they know how to cook!  So good.

Also the DJ rocked.  Once we got all the old-people songs out of they way (you know what I mean) he really hit a lot of new, awesome songs to dance to.  I stayed there until 1:15 dancing it was so good!  And that was completely sober!  But let me tell you - my body was SORE the next day from babydos bouncing up and down inside me all night. 

Funny story - instead of hiring a babysitter we put Olaf to sleep in his pack and play in a closet next to the dinner room and the dancing room.  He was content in there.  He watched the movie Cars for an hour or so and then passed out sleeping.  It was nice to not have to worry about him at all since he was there the whole time!  Big points to Steve for being awesome daddy all night and wrangling him while I was doing my bridesmaidly duties (aka a lot of gabbing and dancing).

A few additional things to note. 
1.  Ariyl = Quite possibly the most photogenic and BEATIFUL bride ever!
2.  Heidi Michelle is amazing.  I wish I had known about her when I got married!
3.  I am not a huge fan of pictures of myself.  Especially while preggo.
4.  Ariyl did ALL her own flowers.  Seriously.  Can you believe how beautiful they are? SO jealous that peonies are already blooming in Wisconsin.

Wishing I could have taken that bouquet home with me.

LOVE these girls.


♥Aubrey said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!!
Great photographer & the bride...stunning. She's got talent with those floral arrangements.

Glad you had a wonderful time with your friends hun.

Joanna said...

Wow! So gorgeous! Thanks for posting these!

gina said...

i too am jealous about the peonies! i got married in june, and they were already done blooming by then. very sad. :) i love her flower arrangements! who would have thought dandelions?! so cool.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer! You are lovely whether pregnant or not! You all look beautiful!

ann said...

So wonderful! Looks like the perfect wedding! Congrats to Ariyl!