Monday, May 24, 2010

now we're talking...

Tonight, for the first time, I used some of the beef we purchased (1/4 of a cow) to make dinner!  I mean, seriously, I hardly ever cook during the work week, so this is exciting.  Olaf and I mostly subsist on leftovers from the weekend, mac and cheese, pizza, and relatives taking pity on us and inviting us to supper (thanks Mom and Christie...).  It is just so un-inspiring to cook for just myself, since the chances of Olaf eating whatever I put in front of him are only in the 50% range, it's all for me and then I end up eating it for like 4 days straight.  BORING. 

And try as I might I just can't get Olaf to just put the food in his mouth if he doesn't like the look of it.  I mean seriously.  I have tried force (no good), tricks (no good), bribes (no good) and talking logic to him (no good).  The thing is, he actually understands that this is dinner, and he can't have anything else, but he is happy to just say "All done mommy, please scuse table mommy."  And he'll be just fine until breakfast with no food in his belly.  Sigh.  So... back to the subject at hand.  I cooked!

I knew it was going to be good when I opened the white paper labeled "stir fry" and saw a bunch of super red colored meat with (Kendra shut your ears) blood still on it.  I am not going to lie, I don't much like the sight of blood either, but I do like knowing that the meat is that fresh to be that lovely red!  After sizzling it up with not a single spice, I snitched a piece and boy did it have flavor!  I may be hooked on this grass fed Yakima valley beef thing. 

Then I simply grilled up some peppers and onion in the same pan, added the meat back in, and tossed in the good old McCormick seasoning and voila, fajitas for me!  I am sure there are better spice mixes out there but I have to give it to good old McCormick.  It never fails to come through for me. 

mmmm, supper.

So anyway, if you are ever wondering how exciting my life is... cooking dinner is enough of a storyline for me to blog about :)  I pretty much rock.

PS.  I even got the cheeseball to eat some steak, cheese and tortilla.  Success!


Joanna said...

Sounds wonderful! Looking forward to maybe cooking with you and helping you eat in a couple weeks ;-)

Kristin said...

Awwwww, look at that happy face!

gina said...

yum! hey other people blog on making dinner too, so no worries, eh? :) cute kid. :)