Monday, May 3, 2010

tour de midwest

We started off our midwest tour by flying to Chicago last Tuesday.  Olaf was a peach on the flight - No seriously I could hardly believe it!  No crying at all and he even took a 2 hour nap on daddy's lap.  Seriously awesome.  Although I did read the same Berenstein Bears book about 8 times on the same flight.  But who can resist that face saying "read this book mommy?

That evening, we stayed with Steve's good friends from college, Chris and Kate, in their apartment near downtown Chicago.  It was nice for him to get to reconnect, and for me to hang out with them for the first time besides our wedding.  Olaf was a big fan of Kate :)  What a flirt he is!  Of course I have no pictures because I forgot to take them - sad day.  We really had a nice time visiting them.

The next morning after a fantastic breakfast in the "Greektown" part of Chicago, we hopped in our sweet KIA optima rental car and headed to Iowa to see the Wallaces and new baby Liam. 

LIAM IS A DOLL!  Nice work Chad and Kristy!  I loved getting to meet him so much.  He slept most of the time, as most 2-day old babies do, but it was just a treasure to get to meet him.  Chad and Kristy were wonderful (and crazy) to let us stay the night with them so soon after their bundle had arrived. Sadly I am still lame-o about the pictures, but I will post a few once I can steal them from Chad's facebook page :)

While in Iowa, we got to take a trip out to the Pederson farm (Kristy's folks).  Farmer Randy took Oly for a sweet ride in the tractor and out to the hog barn.  BEAUTIFUL farm and country.  Seriously.  The farm has been in Kristy's family for over 100 years.  They grow corn, soy, and raise hogs on over 3000 acres.  So beautiful out there! 

to be continued...


Joanna said...

Wow! Love those cute pictures!

gina said...

awesome tractor pics. :) what fun!

simply sue said...

I miss you guys so very much...thanks for the blog pics and updates. You make my heart sing and leave it hoping for more news of all. Thanks Jenn, you're a wonderful daughter-in-law...we'll be coming home soon for Olaf snuggles and Steve and LJ hugs!

Kristin said...

You give me hope that I might actually be able to fly with the dude! Adorable photos!