Friday, February 4, 2011

Project #1

For Christmas my lovely husband, parents, and in-laws combined their pocketbooks and bought me the gift I've been dropping hints about, well, all year probably :)  A sewing machine!  I feel like a whole new world of crafting has opened up to me.

I didn't get around to using it until about 2 weeks after Christmas.  My first project was a sleep sack for Forest.  He's about to grow out of his small sized one, and I didn't want to spend $20 on a new size medium.  Plus I really wanted to try it, because it looked easy.

I laid out the littler sleep sack, traced around it (but bigger) and cut out my fabric.  Then I looked at original, studied it, and sort of deconstructed it, and wrote down the order of steps I'd need to sew it together.   Then I stayed up working on it until 1:30 in the morning when I realized that Forest would be up in 3.5 hours.... oops.  Guess I got carried away!

Here's my fabric all cut out!

My sewing station = the kitched table.

And here's the finished product, next to the original.  One thing I missed when cutting - should have left the neck opening in front a little bigger.  I'm planning to fix that before Forest uses it.

That's right, I installed a zipper on my first project.  Booyah.  (Just don't look too close).  

I have since found many many inspiring sewing blogs, and as I create things I'll show the links where I got the ideas from!  Up next:  Faux chenille baby blanket for Jaimi.  Actually it's already done.  It was on my kitchen table for an entire month.  That's how long it took me...  Because I only had weekend naptimes to work on it, as well as my housework.  Finally finished it with some help from Steve!  But anyway, it will be next on the blog!


Ranelle said...

Awesome! I totally hear you about the crafting time being restricted to weekend nap times. I can also sneak some in after Jacob goes to bed at night. Nice job going for the zipper - sewing in zippers still gives me clammy hands - These days (well the little sewing I've done in the past ...8 years) I've stuck to things with straight lines: blankets and curtains. :) Happy crafting!

simply sue said...

Yeah Jenn - you're on a roll now....I'm so happy you're enjoying the machine and all the goes with it! Love you - Ma-in-law!

gina said...

good job on the zipper! those stress me out. i've only done one. hehehe. that is a great project to start out on, and to reverse engineer! nice work!

ann said...

Nice work! I made a baby onesie once. Actually... I don't think I ever finished. Danny certainly never WORE it. Ha!

Go Jenn!