Thursday, February 10, 2011

sunday was super.

Really, truly... Does it get much cuter than this?
Maybe only if there was a little dimpled fellow by the name of Olaf in this picture too :)

We went ahead and wore our Seahawks gear while rooting for the Packers last Sunday.  Well, Forest did anyway.  Steve was just rocking the WA gear while Forest wore Steve's/Olaf's/his vintage Jim Zorn jersey #10.  Can't wait to pass it along to my grandsons someday!


gina said...

that little smile cracks me up. :)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Jenn --

Such a great photo!!

I'm glad you and your family are having so much fun together with some of my Valentine craft projects, that's the whole reason I started this blog so other families can have as much fun (and make as big of a mess) as we do! ; ) Thanks for taking the time to comment!

pink and green mama,

simply sue said...

OMG...I remember buying that jersey for much fun is that! Thanks Jenn for sharing really wonderful memories for me...makes me smile!