Friday, June 17, 2011


I didn't think I would really mind turning 30.  After all, most of my friends and family had crossed this line a while back, so it's not like I think it is really old or anything :)  but still, on Wednesday when I turned 30, I wished it was 29!  Doesn't 29 sound so much better!  Luckily none of my coworkers knew it was a milestone birthday, or else they informed me that they would have decorated my cubicle in black.  Phew.

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the day or not.  Steve found out just last Thursday that he'd be leaving for work in Idaho on Monday, so I spent the weekend having a pity party for myself that he would miss my birthday (again) and a big party I have planned for tomorrow (Saturday).  There were tears involved.  Hosting a party by yourself is just not as much fun.  Especially when you invited a ton of people.  I really wanted to just cancel it.  But I didn't. Anyway, I digress.  Wasn't sure that I would enjoy my birthday.

But you know what, it was a very nice day!  Here are some of the nice things that happened:

  • The boys were in good moods when they woke up.  We actually got out of the house by 6:45!  7 minutes earlier than usual!

  • Olaf gave me a giant hug in the morning without prompting.  Sigh.
  • My projected 4 hour meeting only took 2!
  • Got to have lunch with an old friend from camp who I have known since 1996 (officially half my life... crazy)
  • Steven sent me flowers at work :)  (you like my work lists hanging up behind?  I am MUCH more organized there than at home!)

  • My coworkers bought me cupcakes.  Yum.  In red-neck land where I work there are no "Cupcake Royal"s or "Trophy Cupcakes" like in Seattle, so we stuck to the good old Albertson's bakery.  And they were delicious, at 1/4 of the price I am sure. 
  • Home-made pizza with my boys, my folks, and Steve's dad over for supper.
  • Got a walking foot for my sewing machine and more bobbins! Thanks mom!
  • Got a new cast iron skillet.  Thanks Mark! 
  • Got my drip irrigation system installed.  Thanks Hubby!
  • (Since when do all the presents I desire have to do with cooking, sewing, or gardening?  Who am I?)
  • Got kidnapped by two of my best friends, Jaimi and Christie, for an evening hike to the cliffs/osprey nest, and enjoyed a glass (paper cup) of red wine.

All in all... a lovely day.  Thanks to all who made me feel special!


James & Kristin said...

Glad your birthday turned out much better than expected! And for the record, 29 does NOT sound better than 30!!! You only get better, sexier, smarter, stronger, more stylish, faithful and put together with age! Enjoy 30, rock it! Hopefully each year we just get better at realizing the beautful person God created us to be. Happy Birthday sweet Jen! 1996, wow, that was a long time ago! ;)Kristin

jenn said...

Kristin, didn't I also meet you in 1996? Why yes I did! Rock Climbing caravan... NICE! :)

Kristin said...

Sounds like a pretty fabulous bday to me!

gina said...

oh! i shed a tear for you, when i read your husband would not be home for your 30th! but then i smiled upon reading the other events of the day, including the lovely flowers, cast iron skillet, sewing machine foot, and hike with friends!! i'm glad it turned out well...happy birthday!

Ben and Katie said...

Happy Belated 30th...not that you wanted to be reminded that you are 30 again! ha!
I think 31 was worse then 30 but maybe that's because 30 just kind of flew by and I was not in the celerating state!!
Oh to go back a few years in age...would be amazing!
Looks like you had alot of fun!!

Amy said...

I love your work picture... flowers and a list. Two of my favorite things! :)