Sunday, June 26, 2011

Belated Birthday Party Post

June was birthday month.  Holy moses.  It was crazy.  Seriously.  Too much cake and too many presents.  But so much fun!

Micah (cousin) turned 3 on May 31st, and Olaf turned 3 on June 20th, so we split the difference and  had a little joint party for them on June 12th.  A nice lady here in Plain has a killer awesome indoor pool, complete with water slide, and she generously allowed us to use it for a swim party!  Pretty nice since it's been so cold this spring and there's no way we have been in the water in Lake Wenatchee or the Wenatchee River.  The kids all LOVE to swim.  We decided to only invite family this year, since once we've invited the whole family, including cousins and grandparents, the guest list is already around 30 people.  Unfortunately most of them could not make it on a Sunday evening, so it was ended up just being our two little families and 5 of the 7 grandparents.  Oh and of course Jaimi and Nick and little Dudley too, can't forget that third musketeer.   But we had a blast!

Of course I have no pictures of the swimming because, HELLO, I was swimming and was probably mid-cannonball or going down the slide.  Ha ha.  Olaf has turned out to be a real water nut and cycled the slide and/or jumping off the edge over and over and over and... well you get the picture.  The only slippery moment came when Steve threw Olaf up in the air (as all dads do) and Oly hit the water feet first, arms up.  Well, that's nice and all but the arms up thing meant his water wings went WHOOOP, right off his arms, and he sank a bit farther than anticipated.  Steve pulled him up right away of course but I had a mini heart attack!

Christie and I spent about 2 hours putting the cake together.  Good thing there were two of us on this joint effort because neither of us knew what we were doing with this home-made fondant stuff.  We followed cake directions from, and just modified it to be like the boys' FAVORITE Lighting McQueen!  I think it turned out so very well, especially for two novices!  And it was even decent tasting as well.  As you can see in the photos farther down, Olaf was DELIGHTED and EXCITED about it at the party :)

Well we are off to family camp at Tall Timber in a few minutes, so I'll be back later to share some of those adventures.  But for now just enjoy the sweetness below.

 Just waiting for his piece...


Amy said...

That cake is awesome!! You did a great job!! I love the look on his face when he's looking at it! :)

Kristin said...

That cake is insanely awesome!

gina said...

wow! nice work on the cake!!