Sunday, July 3, 2011

Family Camp V3.0

Last Wednesday we arrived home after 4 relaxing days in the woods... Ahhhh Tall Timber how I love thee.

We stayed in Cedar House, which Olaf and Micah somehow misinterpreted as "Peter's House" all week.  We could not convince them otherwise :)

Yeah... we forgot the pack and play the first night...  he didn't sleep so well in this suitcase...
We spent some time singing songs in the fireside room. Boys LOVED standing on their chairs and watching the big kids do the motions. They also loved that they were allowed to wiggle. We all know how hard it is to keep a 3 year old from wiggling in Church or other performances so this was a nice change.  It was also really fun to see some of the "big kids" up there leading motion who were the little kids back when I was on staff in '99 and '00!  Seriously, the wiry little crazy boys grew up to be 16 and 17 year olds who aren't afraid to stand in front of people, speak, dance, sing, introduce their families, and pray in front of others.  I hope and pray that my boys grow up to self confident like that, and not be afraid to share their faith, or their goofy sides, and don't mind spending time with their family!

We spent one night at campfire singing the typical arsenal of TTR songs with Becky :) many of you know exactly what I am talking about... Who's side are you leanin' on, tall timber mosquito, look all around you and see what you feel, father I adore you... And of course, an attitude check! The echo on the mountains was great, and Olaf loved hearing it.


Of course there was playground time.  And this year we made new friends!  These sisters totally adopted Olaf and Forest and doted on them.  It was such a blessing to watch big kids interact with little ones.  I also hope and pray my boys grow up to have kind hearts like these girls did!

Missing in action this year were my puzzle partners (Kristin and Jenny I picked a WAY easier one this year!) and their families.  Ladies... make it a priority for next year.  Seriously!  It gets more fun every year.

New this year was a GIANT swing, and GIANT blow up water slide, a BMX course, and a sweet drum circle with Stan.  I actually really enjoyed the drumming, it was so different from other activities I have enjoyed up there in years past. 

And of course, what would camp be without a little rock wall now that kids are old enough?  Olaf and Micah both made it a few feet off the ground, and little Serenity (rock star) made it to the top of a few!  She crazy good already and has no fear. 


All in all, we enjoyed a chance to get away from cell phones and internet, have someone cook (and clean!) for us, listen to a speaker while someone watched our kids, and not have a schedule of any sort.  It is such a great family vacation, and SOOOO cheap compared to other things we could have done.  I can't believe more families with kids our age haven't jumped on this opportunity!

I am just putting this out there... Next year it would be super awesome to see Annie and Becca and Jaimi and your families up here! And Jenny and Kristin come back!  Come be campers again, and see what things the Lord can start doing in your kids hearts... you know you want to :)  Now just talk your husbands into it.  Such a nice chance to just breathe.  What a blessed place it is.


James & Kristin said...

Oooooo, it looks like you had such fun! We were so sad to have missed this year!! Next year for sure...and I'll bring my own puzzles for us! :) xoxo K

gina said...

love picture 'img_0558'! the views at that camp are incredible. :)

Amy said...

What a fun time for your family!! I love this! (and I think it's hilarious you had him sleep in a suitcase!) :) The picture of your little going down the slide is awesome! He looks so full of JOY! :)

Rebecca Ragan said...

oh wow! It looks like you had a blast, and again, your ttr pictures make me miss those days!!! What fun! And how blessed you are to live so close!