Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I love these goofballs

I really really do.  Steve was home for 3 days (yay!) and we spent a lot of time just snuggling, intermixed with bouts of tackling Daddy :)  Mostly I watched.  I love watching my little people interact with eachother!  I can tell already that Forest adores Olaf and wants to do everything he does.  Got a red car, Olaf?  Well Forest wants a red car.  Running around in circles, Olaf?  Well Foresty is crawling right behind you.  (at about 1/10th the speed...)  Blowing bubbles, sticking your tongue out, petting the dogs?  Yes please!  They are hilarious.

Thanking God for my many blessings today.

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simply sue said...

Oh...I loved this post...hmmmm