Monday, August 29, 2011


Forest Tucker Saugen
Is one year old today.
Where has time gone?

I can't believe that a year ago we were in the hospital, loving and snuggling our little bundle, sharing his little self with our family and friends. I LOVED spending that day he was born in the hospital. I know that lots of women hate it and would rather be at home or in a birthing center, (which I am sure is awesome too) but I really enjoyed having people take care of me for a day. I never felt poked and prodded and intervened upon. I just felt relaxed and tired and special. How do they do that, those L&D nurses? They see the most incredible aspect of humanity (birthing) nearly EVERY SINGLE time they come to work, yet they still manage to keep their energy up and make each birth just as special as it is! I do realize that may have been my singular experience, but I am very blessed by it and the memories I have of it. Anyway, sidetrack...  I do have lovely memories of that night and day of Forest's birth day.


Forest, you are my sweet snuggler.  The boy who still LOVES nursing at a year old and you are so excited to do so you squat up and down and screech until it's time.  Mornings are the best after your first nurse, because if I let you we will happily snuggle and sleep together from 5:00am to 6:15 on weekends.  (Which helps keep Daddy's side of the bed warm when he is gone for work.)  Of course this may change as you become more independent, but for now I will relish in your tiny body close to mine.

Early morning snuggling together.

You have the BIGGEST blue eyes I have ever seen.  Even Grandma Betty Newell calls you "blue-eyes" every time she sees you.  And your smile is ear to ear.  Luckily we see a LOT of that smile, especially when your brother is around.  I keep thinking he is beating you up, as he is wrestling you to the ground in a big bear hug... and you just laugh and laugh, and give Olaf that little eye twinkle as you crawl away, like you are saying "come and get me again!"  How special that you get to grow up with a big brother to look up to.

Picnic at Grammy and Bumpa's house.

Sometimes when I haven't seen you for a while, when I pick you up to hold you, you wrap those skinny little arms around my neck and play with my necklace while you press your forehead against my cheek for a few minutes... sigh.  I am trying to lock these memories away they are so sweet!  You also still seem to like being carried on my back in the Ergo.  We walk around the yard, chase Olaf, pick weeds, go for walks, and sometimes cook dinner like this, with you snuggled up on my back.  Aside from the occasional hair-pull to let me know you are totally over it, you sit quietly and just take it all in.  I love it.

Just arrived at Hidden Lake, time to relax.

Of course my dear son, you do have moments of being a holy terror.  Such as when you don't want your diaper changed (which is all the time) or when I take your toothbrush away from you and then close the door to the bathroom so you can't go back in.... oooh you get feisty mad.  But you get over it quickly and for that I am thankful.
Toothbrush time!

So, on your birthday Forest, know that you are loved by me, and your daddy and brother, and all the other people you know.  We were doubly blessed when you arrived, 365 days ago, and I am so looking forward to seeing what your next 365 have in store!  Love you little Foresty.

Look at the size of those craniums!  Like oranges on toothpicks! 

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simply sue said...

Where did the year go and how beautiful our little Forest is...I remember his birth day like it was yesterday....lucky you and Steve to have such beautiful children!