Sunday, November 13, 2011


Last month I had a fun chance to visit Chicago for the first time.  I have been waiting until I had lots of time to write a post about it, and how much fun I had, and describe my photos in detail... ha ha ha!  Well I never had the time I was looking for, but I do have a few minutes now, so I need to post this! 

Anyway, my good friend from college, Joanna, invited me to come spend the weekend in Chicago with her last month.  She was going to be at a work training near the city the week prior and had gotten a hotel room in the city for the weekend.  Bonus (for me) is that her husband wasn't able to go, so she invited me to come instead!  I decided to go a few days early, because I also have lots of family from Chicago (the ones I re-met at our family reunion last July) and I wanted to see some of them too.

Also I should mention that I am terrible at taking photos.  Truly awful.  Not only do I not take time to compose any of the shots... I forget to take it out 3/4 of the time!  So here ya go -- These are all taken on my iPhone, which is why they are just OK in quality.

Under the "Bean".  That's me in the blue coat in like 5 locations.

Hands down coolest architecture in Chicago.  It's an apartment building.  Each of those wave/ripples are someone's deck outside their condo.  Awsome.  It looked so cool both up close and far away.

Top of the Willis Tower.  Gracious that's high up there.

Another view below.

Dinner at the 50/fifty: Hamburger topped with pulled pork, cheese, and a mac and cheese waffle.  With a side of sweet potato fries.  I ate about 1/3 of it. SO GOOD.

What a creative light fixture in a bakery!

Inside the Bleeding Heart Bakery.  Best cake balls ever.

Bridget and I talking to... shoot I forget.  Apparently he had his own TV show.  That was before my time :)

Chris and I at Navy Pier.

The Bean.  Again.  It was worth 2 visits.

Joanna and I.  Love her.

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend.  It was a little weird being away from my kiddos for that long... especially Forest since he's still nursing...  but I did enjoy staying up late, enjoying little coffee shops, shopping, walking for hours, and doing a lot of other things that little people don't enjoy so much :)  Plus I knew Steve was taking good care of them with a steady diet of mac and cheese, pizza, and quesadillas, plus a lot of good movie watching and cars playing.  Good times traveling.

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