Monday, November 28, 2011

Auntie K

Auntie K is known to be pretty awesome around these parts.  While Forest is still a bit skeptical that Auntie K and I are related (she is taller after all, with MUCH more fashion sense) and tends to hang back at first, Olaf is full of constant sweet request demands for attention the minute he sees her.  Can you set up the train set?  Can you read to me?  Can we watch Cars 2?  Can we play outside?  Do you want to play cars?  Is it Christmas yet?  Can you buy me a present?  What's this?  What's that?  Let's dance!

Like any loving Auntie would, she acquiesces to most requests.  Lucky for us!  Kendra was home last weekend and came over one night to play games, and got to hang out at bedtime.  The boys LOVED it.  She'd been here about 3 minutes before she turned to inform me "Jenny, you are going to have a lot of broken bones in this house" as the kids chased each other down the hallway, tripping on blankies and running each other into the walls.  I am just surprised we haven't visited the ER yet! (knock on wood)

Love you Auntie K.


gina said...

I haven't seen a picture of K in a long time! Where did the time go?! That is a great picture. Aunts are the best. :) ps - i love that blue, red & white quilt...did you make that?

simply sue said...

Wait...Auntie K looks gorgeous (please pass that on to her) but wait again....did my Foresty Forester get a haircut like his big brother? Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see them in December!Super Annie Gramma hugs comin' their way!!!!

Kendra Renae said...

Love those boys soooo much!!! I'm glad I got to spend a bit of time with them last weekend... and you too of course!