Sunday, November 20, 2011

first day of snow play

It has been just gorgeous here with the snow!  Cold, yes.  Slow driving, yes.  But super beautiful. 

Olaf was really excited for the weekend because he knew we'd get to go outside to play in the snow.  So yesterday we got them all bundled up and went for a little walk into the woods, picked out our Christmas tree (didn't cut it down yet, just found it), and did some sledding.  Olaf has finally gotten a little tougher, and actually walked most of the way himself instead of crying to be carried.  Bonus!  Awesome!  Forest was content to babbled while on my back.

We all came back rosy cheeked and ready to warm up by the fire that Steve had started.  COZY.  Just in time for naps :)

The boys seem to be growing up so quickly.  It's crazy how Forest went from baby to toddler in like 2 months I swear.  He doesn't talked a lot yet, mostly just babbling.  But we can make out what he means for ball (ba), bottle (baba), binky (baba), blanky (baba)... ha ha, do you see a trend?  Usually it's accompanied by a pointing finger.  Well there's also "go", "up", "dada" and "mama" and I think he says thank you sometimes "tay-oo" and olaf "o-ah".  Who knows though really :)  We just love that he's trying to communicate.   He loves walking, playing cars, putting little people in cars and taking them back out, throwing balls, terrorizing the dogs, blowing raspberries, chasing people and climbing stairs.  Ah and DANCING like a maniac.  Love it. 

I want to send lots of love to Grandma Riley in Oak Harbor today -- hope you are feeling good today!  The boys are all sending you lots of hugs and kisses!

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