Tuesday, December 27, 2011

little ski buddy

Well since I have one of those lame 40 hour a week jobs, I didn't get to participate in what you are about to see.  But I am glad that Oly and his daddy and bumpa got to do it together! 

Last Friday Steve took Olaf up to the pass to go skiing for the first time!  I am told he did quite well, though he hasn't quite mastered the "pizza wedge" and much prefers "french fries".  Which is not so good for those little boys hoping to remain upright :)  Lucky daddy was there to hold him up most of the way!  Thanks to our friends Ethan and Jenny we have lots of photos to document the day.



Joanna said...

Oh wow! I can't believe he's skiing already! Lucky kid!

simply sue said...

Love it Jenn..if I couldn't be there in person (like you), this is the next best thing!

gina said...

looks like he did really well!! how cool that they took pictures for you! :)