Wednesday, July 11, 2012

lovey dovey -- a day late

(Let's pretend I posted this yesterday on the 10th like I meant to...)

8 years ago I was 23 years old, fresh out of college, stars in my eyes. (just a baby!)
8 years ago I was actively climbing, hiking, surfing, skiing, running and loving my dogs
8 years ago I was a wee EIT.
8 years ago I could fit into a size 2 petite.
8 years ago I had some amazing friends, and didn't yet know some of my now close friends.
8 years ago it was kind of cold out! (photo evidence of jeans and puffy jackets)
8 years ago I married my best friend :)

Today I am 31, have a real job with a retirement plan and 3 mortgages.  (old! ish! yikes!)
Today I am active when I can be, but mostly that involves chasing children around the yard or walking to the irrigation ditch
Today I am a licensed PE.
Today, well, I am not a size 2 petite anymore!! 
Today I am still great friends with all those originals, but have added a slew of new super fun ones too.
Today is flippin’ 100 degrees
Today I am still married to my best friend.  2 kids, 2 dogs, 3 houses and a heck-of-a lot of ups and downs later and we still love each-other.  How about that?!

I’ve heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder… no wonder we like each other so much!  Ha ha :)  Can’t wait to see that husband of mine soon.  Who says you have to celebrate your anniversary on the actual day?  We haven’t done any year yet and it’s still just as fun when we do have a chance!  Plus it takes the pressure off the actual day.

Love you Steven.
I love our life.


gina said...

awwwww.... :) oddly enough, yesterday i was thinking about life since college.... a lot has changed! for one thing, back then I was determined to _never_ take the P.E. exam. I was also determined to _never_ get a job in downtown Seattle. oh, the humor. :) Fun post!

gina said...

ps - HAPPY anniversary! :) yay!

markkarj said...

Hey Love birds! We're coming your way on Monday! Hope we can catch up...we'll be down the street at the cabin! -Cassie k

simply sue said...

hmmmm...i like that post...i really do. love you jenn, you're a wonderful part of our family. oh, and thanks for marrying my boy!