Saturday, October 13, 2012

last weekend

I ran a half marathon.
The Leavenworth Oktoberfest (half) Marathon to be exact.

I did this once before, back in my senior year of college and...
I hated it!  I mean, I loved some of it, but mostly it just was painful. 
I ran by myself.
No music, because I had overheard some "serious" runners talking about how people who run with music just aren't runners at all and have no idea how to run... I mean, clearly I wasn't going to run with an ipod after that!
And it was rainy.  It was Seattle after all.
With Seattle rain comes Seattle hills.  Enough said, right?

This time I ran with a group of friends who I had been training with for 7 weeks.
Most of them are moms just trying to squeeze in a workout when they can.  Like me.
Most of them just wanted to complete the dang thing, not "race" or go for a PR.  Like me.
And we had fun!

We also had a few other friends join us at the start and finish lines, which was nice.  I like seeing people at events.

And just in case you are wondering... I am an incredibly slow runner.  So even though I like to think of myself as an athlete, it doesn't compute into speed distance running.  Give me home plate to home plate any day. But gosh dang I had fun and I didn't get hurt!  (So much fun that I ran another 6 road and trail miles this morning, even though I didn't have to...)

Nerdy seesters, pre-race.  Well, maybe just I am the nerd, Kendra looks pretty normal.  Nah!

Red noses concur - it was dang cold out!


Pebbles AKA Emelia looks way too happy about what we are about to do.  Erin too. 
At the start line with a whole gang of beautiful ladies...

I only snapped two photos while running down East Leavenworth Road, but isn't it gorgeous!  I want to run this race again next year!  And so many parts of the race that were on trail by the river... mmmmm mmm gorgeous.

The behind me shot of Julie and Angie.

Post race happiness and rosy cheeks and sweet baby O checking out my medal/bottle opener :)

Oh my gosh there's those nerds again :)

I got to know these gals pretty well during training and am so thankful that I did.  Can't wait to do it again with some or all of them!  (and hoping a few more ladies will join us.... Kirsten... Christie... Jenny.... Tara... you know who you are.)

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gina said...

nice work! that is a great idea to take pictures while running! want to run the half marathon in march, too?! ;) it is a beautiful run there! maybe next october i'll be in shape still........