Friday, October 19, 2012


1.  No cooking!  No dishes!  Yummy food!  Plus, Dad paid!  (THANKS DAD!)
2.  Usually I have to rush rush rush back to Plain to pick up Forest and not feel like I am leaving him there too long.
3.  It gave me time to kill. Unscheduled time to spend with Olaf, and I didn't have to feel guilty like I was ditching Forest.  That hardly ever happens!  I love when it does though, extra time with either of the boys :) 

So Olaf and I went to the Elementary School playground in town and tried every single toy they had there for 30 minutes.  Olaf is pretty excited to go to school there when he hits 3rd or 4th grade!

Climbing on the metal dome.

Watch this Mommy, I can do the monkey bars!

I'm not nervous at all.  Well, maybe a little bit.

This is so fun!  Followed shortly by MOMMMYYYY!  HELP ME DO THIS!  DON'T LET ME FALL!!!

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