Friday, October 26, 2012

A small gift.

This morning I got a work text message at 6:55am  (when I should have been driving but was still putting the boy's shoes on) that told me I'd need to find a new concrete tester for my 10am footing pour today, because the other one had another project he had to be at.  Crap.  I had already told someone yesterday they weren't needed so they were off work, and no one else that's qualified for concrete would be in the office today.  That meant calling the other offices to see if I could borrow someone.

Just thinking about the coordination of this one tiny thing set me off and I just sat on the floor and cried for a few minutes, feeling sorry for myself that I was so overwhelmed by work.  The boys each brought me (one square of) toilet paper to wipe my eyes and and Olaf encouraged me -- telling me that I HAD to go to work and I couldn't stay home, but I can do it if I try!  Just take a deep breath and dry your eyes, mommy!  Funny role reversal.  Also funny because like any good man would do, instead of just giving me a hug, he analyzed my reason for crying, gave advice and wanted to solve the issue for me.  I love that kid.

Anyway, I was just dreading going to work.  and I was hungry and wanted coffee but was so far behind timewise I couldn't have either just yet.  I rarely have time to eat during the day, I am terrible about prepping food ahead of time -- basically I am really bad at taking good care of myself, AND it was raining.  Bleh.

Halfway to work (which I was 35 minutes late to) I got a text message from my dear friend Charlotte telling me she left a little gift on my desk for me. My curiosity was peaked.

When I got to work (finally), on my desk I found an insulated mug of hot coffee with cream, no sugar, just how I like it.  A starbucks breakfast sandwich with a note that said "microwave me for 30 seconds! :)" And an insulated lunch sack containing a sandwich, snap peas and hummus, an apple, fruit leather, and chocolate.  And then I almost started crying again.  Charlotte just knew I wasn't taking good care of myself, so she put together a package with love to fill my belly.  Amazing.  I had to text her a thank you note because I knew if I went down to her cube I would start balling and it is not wise to cry at work in 90% male dominated environment. 

Anyway, all that to say, THANK YOU CHARLOTTE.  You might be one of the only people who understands what it is like out there on the grade, and I am SOOO thankful for all that food today.  It was the first day in weeks that I haven't felt shaky after 2:30 pm or lived off almond roca and chewing gum.   Seriously.  And my attitude and energy were up up up compared to normal!!  (note to self - do a better job of bringing food)   Thanks for the gift.  Love ya.


gina said...

i shed a tear at the end of your story. so sweet. i'm glad you have great friends over there!! :)

Ranelle said...

jenn - no fair getting me emotional too! (eyes welling up) it is great to have people that look out for you.

Katie said...

I feel thankful for Charlotte, and I don't even know her =) Hoping your week turned around and that we get to see you guys sometime soon!

Katie Drovdahl