Sunday, November 4, 2012

November days.

Apparently my last post was a little depressing. 
What can I say -- It was a rough few weeks and that's where I was at. 
Anyway, transitioning.

The best way I know how to transition to happy-er is to provide photos of my adorable and perfect (ha ha ha ha ha ha) children.  They are pretty darn cute when they decide to turn on the charm, and I am so happy I remember to whip out my iPhone camera every once in a while to snap some photos of them.  I have lots of video too these days because I am terrified of not remembering how they walk/talk/interact at these ages... because I love every age/stage.  Anyway, without further ado...

We love walking over to see progress on our neighbor's new house/garage.

And climbing all over the wood piles.
And preparing to jump off...   Forest looks a little nervous?  Nah that kid is definitely not afraid of falling!

Tomato-Spaghetti faces :)

Another walk in the mud to the construction site.
Happy Halloween!

Love, the Hulk and the Great Pumpkin.

Cheesing around before bedtimes.

Nearly falling asleep on the floor at a wedding :)

Soooo tired... it was only like 9pm!

A little break from the V-Reader books to make faces at me.

Helping Daddy make pampakes!

Nom nom nom nom nom.  No that's not a flattened goose on the griddle (my guess).  It's a rocket ship :)

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gina said...

not "depressing"! it was a beautiful story, and i enjoyed hearing about your gift. i love these silly pictures too - they are growing up so fast! it always a pleasure to read your blog. :)