Monday, December 3, 2012

the thankfuls & the funnies.

The thankfuls.

For Thanksgiving we made the trek to visit our dear family in Montana.  They were awesome to host not only our little family, but the Sorensens, Grandparents, and the Spokane Saugens as well!  It was a BLAST.

We all stayed at Glacier Presbyterian Camp -- on Flathead Lake.  Um, hello gorgeous setting!  It was amazing.  

Our eight kiddos can sometimes be a handful when they are all together, but luckily the lodge was large and the kids ran wild and free within with no bones broken or friendships lost.  Actually speaking of friendships... it was so sweet to watch Olaf and Micah all week ATTACHED AT THE HIP.  Almost literally.  With no fighting.  I think they miss each other quite a bit...  It was really fun to see them playing so well together, imaging all sorts of things... of course every single imagined story had either superheros, cars, or superhero cars :)  They were certainly in their element, both into the same things, and just loved being together!  Forest on the other hand... well he went by the rules of "what's mine is mine, what's yours is mine, if I had it once it's mine, if you have it but I want it it's mine and if you try to get it back I will smash you in the face with it."  Ack... we are working on the whole sharing thing... Luckily the intended victims, Kyler and Soren, are both third children and go-with-the-flow and didn't seem to get too upset by it... I hope.  (Sorry!)

Highlights of the week included:
  • Seeing this camp which is Dave and Christie's new home and being SO happy that it is a such a great place and such a great fit for them.
  • A run with Christie and Jenny
  • Our own "Family Turkey Trot" on Thanksgiving Day!  All the kids participated!
  • Watching Dave take all the little kids on a gator (mini tractor) ride around camp after the fun run.
  • Teaching Christie, Theresa, Lydia and Sherea how to play Settlers.
  • All family games at night.
  • Ladies dance parties.
  • Haakon's cheese biscuits.  No seriously - they are THAT good they deserve a mention.
  • A well organized family photo session (which I can't wait to see photos from!)
  • &
  • Being blessed by our extended family.

It was a great time had by all, and I am so glad my favorite holiday was celebrated in such fine fashion.

And now for the funnies.
These kids + older Saugen cousins + iPad apps = HILARIOUSNESS






mr. olaf himself



The gaggle

ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

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glad you were able to get a fun trip in with your deserve some r&r!!