Monday, July 22, 2013

we had fun

A lot of fun was had in the first few weeks of July.

I have been running (jogging) a lot.  Of course, I think running a lot means getting out 3 days a week and logging 10 miles total for the week.  I mean, that's almost two hours of my life gone to running!  Which is a lot for this girl.  I signed up for the half marathon in October again, so at least this consistency will pay off somewhere, though I know I'll have to log more miles before then.  This year I've got Jenny and her friend Stephanie, my little sister, and my dear friend Katie from Seattle all running with me!  I can't wait!  (I can't believe I just said that I can't wait to run...  what is the world coming to?)

Fourth of July was celebrated with friends and food and a lively game of croquet up at the Jenkins' home in Merritt.  (No seriously.  It involved getting cliffed-out, and waterfall type drops of ledges, teleporters, extension latter wickets and stump jumping.)  A good time was had by all!

Steve went on 6 fire calls that weekend.   SIX.  Oy.  Being a volunteer firefighter's wife is definitely a sacrifice.  Next time you want to poke fun of a volunteer firefighter crew stop yourself and remember THEY ARE VOLUNTEERS and they do this on top of their regular jobs, unpaid.  I have a giant soapbox I like to stand on for this subject, but let's not do that.  Instead I will just say, phew, glad that weekend is over!  And now I will move on.  Though I reserve the right to come back to this soapbox later.

July has been busy busy busy.  Good busy.  We went to the lake one day, hiked the ditch, went to Church, had playdates, played in the pool and got all tuckered out :)  Also we cut everyone's moppy hair (hallelujah!).  The littles look so grown up with short hairs!  Agh!

Lake Wenatchee on a calm day!!

These photos are all from a little hike/picnic we did at the Fish Hatchery.

Playing in Grammy's dirt pile.

Bee sting?  Spider bite?

Too much fun at the lake...

Dipping our toes into the ditch on a Saturday afternoon.

More adventures to come and July isn't even over yet :)


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