Sunday, November 23, 2008

4am wakeup call

No this post has nothing to do with my son... I was relating this story to my friend Annie who is a great blogger and she said I should post it. I guess these crazy everyday things are the interesting types of posts!

So we are hanging out in our (huge) home the other night and Chelan keeps passing gas. It was VERY loud, but strangely didn't smell at all, like dog farts usually do. Steve mentioned that perhaps we should put her outside for the night but it was FREEZING and I felt bad doing that just because she was farting, so I said, "no, she ALWAYS wake us up when she needs to go out." So she stayed in.

Steve and I went to sleep. At about 4am I hear this crashing in the hallway and we both sit up in bed and turn our heads to the right. Chelan had her head on the foot of our bed, just staring at us, and the laundry basket, which had been precariously positioned on top of Steve's travel bag in the narrow hallway had crashed over into the shower door, and had spilled dirty laundry everywhere. (note - I can no longer actually store the dirty laundry in the shower because it is now useable for showers - yay!) I say to Steve "She NEEDS to go out honeY." "No, she's fine," he mumbles... "Chelan - go lay down - go on - lay down" and he falls backwards and proceeds on with sleep... I think I may have dozed too off for just a minute but my brain woke me back up and I thought, "no, that was bad 4am analysis from a man who is a super hard sleeper at night, I better let Chelan out." I sat up and her head was again perched on the end of our bed staring at us. So I got out of bed and she ran ahead the three or so steps to the living room. I was greeted by a slightly sour smell, but couldn't see anything on the floor anywhere. So I let Chelan and Rosie outside and started investigating. Turn right, nope, not there, turn left, wait, WHAT? Is that really dog poo IN OLAF'S CARSEAT? GROSS! I yelled back to Steve what I found and all I heard back was a muffled grunt. So I spent the next 15 minutes deliriously bagging up the carseat cover to wash later and lysol wiping the hard shell. My husband, though a rockstar helper during the day, is less than responsive to urgent poo requests at night...

Oh, to have a house again with tile floors next to the door where accidents will be slightly easier to clean up. Ah well, it makes for an amusing story later.

How the heck she aimed it so well right into the carseat I will never know...

No I do not have a picture of the mess. Gross.

Recommendation - if your dog wakes you at 4am NO GOING BACK TO SLEEP. I learned my lesson!

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ann said...

Too funny! I'm glad you posted this story. I laughed so hard when you told it to me!

Love the pic of Olaf and his pup. Looks like he's going to be a dog lover for life!