Friday, November 14, 2008

FINALLY a new post for y'all

The reason I hardly post anymore is because I don't have an internet connection most of the time. Kind of a bummer when I've been used to high speed internet for about 10 years now... ah well. Steve bought a nice modem that just plugs into a USB port and voila, internet! But usually he takes it with him to work, which has been the last three weeks straight. But he's home for a week now, hopefully, so I get to play. Nice!

Here's a few recent-ish pics of my favorite kiddo:

We moved the 5th wheel into the semi-completed pole building today. It's missing a concrete floor (not a huge deal) and doors (also not a huge deal, since we don't have walls either). But we now have a roof! It was SO SO rainy this last week that a roof is a huge blessing. Although the sound of rain drumming 2 feet above your head is nice... i am happier to not worry about whether we will stay dry. Plus the Subaru is parked under the roof too, so technically I never have to get wet in the mornings unless I am shoving my path to leave.

I never had a chance to write a post after Olaf's 4 month check-up, so if you are wondering, here is the growth stats on the kiddo from October 20th:

Height -- 27 inches
Weight -- 15 lbs, 9 oz
Head -- 17 inches

...and gaining. We recently had a bath where I think I counted 8 little rolls on Oly's tummy. He LOVES to splash in the water, though I think he still surprises himself when he gets water all over his face. I just had to post a video of him.

Also a recent discovery is his right foot, which is apparently delicious! He has yet to take an interest in the left foot... ah well, it doesn't seem to feel left out at this point.

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ann said...

Love it! Olaf is getting more cute by the minute. I can't wait to see him... next week??? :-) Sounds like Danny is on Olaf's heels for size. It will be so fun for them to meet again. It's been too long! Miss ya'll!