Monday, May 25, 2009


Not mine though...

My friend Aubrey over at Blush has a great giveaway going right now. For those friends and family who read this who don't know what a giveway is, I will tell you my understanding of them in the blog world. Some bloggers are nice. Very nice. And they want to give things away to the folks that faithfully read their blogs! For instance, crafty people who blog about crafts may give away a hand made item, design bloggers may give away home decor items, etc. etc... And all you have to do to win the contest is leave a comment on the blog owner's page, or maybe follow their blog to win it! (winners drawn at random). So ANYWAY, I encourage you to check out this fun giveaway because A. it is COOL and B. You might find that you really enjoy reading her blog and looking at her design ideas!

Someday when I have time perhaps I'll do a giveaway.... or perhaps I will just continue to enter other folks' giveaways :) Who knows.


♥Aubrey said...

Thank you Jenn for sharing this giveaway with all your readers.


Marry liza said...

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