Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sharing a bit of Hawaiian sunshine with you

Today is Saturday. I will be home ALL day... how nice! It is sunny and warm and no wind (crazy for Plain in the springtime). We already walked around outside for 20 minutes or so, and I again felt so blessed to live here!

Schedules have been crazy lately between work, remodel, softball games, bridal showers and bachelorette parties, work gatherings, and friends and family. I wish I had taken pictures at all of these events... but alas I did not. However I am still far behind on telling you all about Hawaii, so here's a little bit about that!

We went to Kona, on the west (dry) side of the Big Island. Some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii is on the Big Island, so I was excited to try it! Our first full day (day 2, as day 1 was spent flying) was spent at "Snorkel Beach". Not much of a beach (sand etc) as it was a lot of lava flows, but the fish were awesome! Olaf got his first feel (and taste) of saltwater, and LOVED it.

Oly wasn't feeling too good on day 3 (fever, cold, teething...) so we decided to do a driving tour of part of the island so he could sleep all day in the car. We scoped out a few beaches, toured a macadamia nut factory, watched some surfers on a crazy erratic wave up north, and looked at the "LOST" like jungle of trees. The picture below is at the surf spot we stopped at.

Day 4 Steve, Olaf and I drove down to tour the City of Refuge, then took turns snorkeling across the bay. Later in the day we met Mom and Dad at the old airport beach in Kona for more snorkeling and sunning.

Day 5 Stevie finally got to SURF at Banyans. My folks were busy going to the Volcano, so Olaf and I hung out at the condo and he slept, and I studied for the PE exam (bleh). That afternoon we went shopping/touring around the City of Kona, and then all met up for dinner at the Kona Brewing Company. YUM. Randomly, we met a guy there from Wenatchee who now lived in Kona. It's a small small world.

Day 6 we went to a VERY nice beach at Mauna Kea resort. They only let like 20 non-guest cars into the lot, and we got lucky, squeezing in around #18... It was one of those GORGEOUS white sand beach, palms, shade, waves to splash in, and more good snorkeling! I really liked this beach, and so did Olaf. After that we stopped in just to "check out" the Hilton Resort down the coast aways. It was ANOTHER WORLD I swear. I saw a 10 year old wearing what was probably a $300 outfit... and it was just a bikini, sandals, and a posh little hat. The people watching was incredible - these people had MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY! Not that I wouldn't stay there if I could afford it - because it was a really nice place - just attracts a different style of folks!

Day 7 we flew home. Pretty uneventful except I (accidentally) let Olaf get his fingers stuck in the rotating belt at baggage claim, garnering many mean looks from other passengers as he WAILED and WAILED and WAILED. But he luckily was just fine so PHEW because I felt awful!

All in all it was a needed break. I didn't think about our remodel, work, or finances for a whole week! How fantastic is that?

I miss you, Hawaii... Can we come back?

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Joanna said...

Sounds so wonderful! I remember some of those same things from 15 years ago when I went with my family. It's a magical place!