Monday, May 25, 2009


Things I did today:

Slept till 5:30.
Enjoyed a cup of coffee with Steven.
Balanced joint checking account.
Paid 4 bills.
Sorted baby clothes and shoes.
Moved "full sun" pots into full sun. Blocked ugly recycle can (partial block). Trying to bring a little beauty to our 5th wheel.

Hung out in side yard with Oly and the doggies while Steve stained the trim.
Put together (huge) full shade pot with hosta, dogwood, sword ferns, moss, and some other things which Shannon gave me, that I have no idea what they are. (Which goes against my summer rule of learning the names of each plant which I put in the ground or a pot... well, I have the little tags outside so I still plan to learn them.)
Ate cheerios with Olaf and Serenity.
Mowed the side yard.
Planted some impatiens.
Played with the effects on the Mac (sepia, vintage, b&w)...

That was all before lunch. At 3:00, I went over to Mountain Springs and Jaimi and I PLANTED OUR GARDEN!!! Well really it is mostly she and her dad's garden... but in exchange for helping plant, weed, water and harvest I get a good share in all the veggies. I think that's the way to go - sharing a garden. More folks to lend a hand, more veggies produced, and more fun time to spend with eachother.
All in all a LOVELY Monday.

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♥Aubrey said...

Little Olaf is getting sooo big...well not compared to that pot of course. It's an adorable picture! I want to come visit this summer....what am i saying, i WILL come visit :) We need to catch up.