Monday, September 20, 2010

Growing up

Look who is out of their crib and into a SWEET toddler bed!  My dad made Olaf the CUTEST ever toddler bed. Why are things always so much cuter in mini?  I don't know, but I do love this bed.  We thought about upgrading Olaf to a twin bed, but once the boys are sharing a room, we can't fit the crib and a twin bed, so we opted for the toddler bed so they both fit.  We'll just get them bunk beds eventually.

So far it's going just swimmingly.  We hear "THUMP"s from upstairs sometimes and usually just find Olaf curled up on the floor with his blanky sleeping peacefully.  We just move him back into bed and wait for the next "THUMP" :)  In the mornings and after naps, he will yell for us from his bed until we come get him.  How awesome is that?  No rogue toddler at 630am getting into anything and everything while we sleep! I have no idea how we did it, but he has obeyed us so far with this, and it's been 5 days of naps and bedtimes, so that's pretty good!


gina said...

very cute - good job, jenn's dad! ;)

Kristin said...

I'm so scared to abandon the crib, but I know we're getting close. SO good to hear a success story!