Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beach Day

Lake Wenatchee State Park ROCKS.
Went there on a Wednesday morning with Christie and the kids.
Grandpa Mark came too.

We had the beach to ourselves except for 3 or 4 dog walkers.  Can you believe that?  It is SO GORGEOUS on calm days, and yet no one was there?  I need to hit that beach up more often!

The water wasn't exactly warm...  but the kiddos didn't seem to mind.  Olaf even fell over twice and got soaked, but was having so much fun he didn't even cry.  And he usually would have cried.  Must have been a good time!


Joanna said...

Lee wants to know if you can put boats on Lake Wenatchee :-)

jenn said...

OF COURSE! The boat launch is right next to this beach :) I should say though -- it is probably windy (or at least a mild breeze) on this lake 60%-70% of the days. However the other 30%-40% are gorgeous just like this. We should head up there next time y'all are in town!