Tuesday, September 7, 2010

office humor

I meant to post this before Forest made his appearance but I never got to it.  But I thought you'd all enjoy it anyway!

I work with all men.  13 of them in my office to be exact.  Mostly they are typical Eastern WA guys - they like to hunt, fish, and drink beer at Applebees a few nights a week.  Thanks to them I know a lot more about elk and deer hunting, salmon and walleye fishing, and hockey than I ever thought I would!  I have to say though, I enjoy working with them (most of the time), and and I enjoy their senses of humor.

For instance:

They had been joking around for the last 9 months about what would happen if I went into labor at work.  Heaven help us!  They all said they would call 911, and then get the State Patrol to run across the street to help me deliver.  No amount of talking could convince them that labors usually take 8-12 hours before the baby actually arrives!  But it was fun messing with them.  Every time I stopped walking and paused at someone's desk with a grimace on my face for a braxton hicks contraction, the person who's cube I stopped at looked terrified.  My boss kept saying "I don't want to help deliver another one of those things, Jenn, stop making that face!" as his daughter had been born at home and he had helped deliver her.  I re-assured him that the LAST thing on earth that I wanted was my coworkers to be there helping deliver my baby!  But anyway.

My last day of work  (5 days overdue) finally arrived and I hadn't had the baby.  Mid-morning I turned around in my cubicle to find that they had snuck up behind me while I was working and opened up a spill response kit.  Absorbent pads and wattles were placed in my cubicle with a post-it note that read "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, DEPOSIT BABY HERE".

I about died laughing.

Work is a lot more fun when you can tease eachother!


suzi said...

So funny! And you're right, it is more fun to work where there is lots of laughter!

city girl said...

That's hilarious! And congratulations on the baby, too cute!

gina said...

hilarious! what a fun group you work with!