Saturday, April 30, 2011

8 months, whew

8 months have passed since little Foresty Forester popped out.  Can you believe it has been 8 months?  I remember saying this with Olaf too -- each stage just seems to get better and better!  (Maybe its because I get more sleep as time goes on??)  Forest is at the stage where he sits independently and plays with his toys in the living room by himself pretty well.  Of course I am paranoid so I still put a pillow behind him (hardwood floors + big unbalanced baby heads don't mix well).  He can usually occupy himself for 30 minutes at a time or so - bonus for me!  And he'll spend even more time if Olaf is up running around and entertaining him, which happens every now and then (when he's not taking all of Forest's toys away for himself...).

Also recent in the last month is that Forest has started pulling himself up on things!  He is constantly reaching for our hands to help him stand.  And he tries to pull himself up on things like the crib, or chairs/tables/toys... but he's successful about 5% of the time I'd say. I think he's maybe gotten his feet under him correctly twice out of 40 tries :) He'll get it though.

Forest is a PEOPLE PERSON.  He loves smiling at everyone, but especially the girls.  What a little charmer!  (What a Saugen).  He just LOVES going to Miss Julie's three mornings a week when I go to work and Oly goes to Cashmere Kids.  Her kids are his best little buddies and they just dote on him like nothing else.  And Julie dotes on him too.  I think perhaps besides me and Steve, she loves him best.  Seriously.  And how wonderful and comforting it is to me to know that while I am at work, he is being cared for by someone who adores him!  Pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

Unlike his brother at this age, Forest is not a big fan of eating solids.  So far he's only eating avocado, oatmeal, squash and banana.  And of those 4, he only really likes the avocado.  (Nice, he's got gourmet taste on a McD's budget).  I know he doesn't really need the food for nutrition right now since he is still drinking so much breastmilk, but I am hoping he starts liking it more.  Mostly because that makes it easier for me! Ha!  I'd love to move on to finger foods at some point.  We aren't sure, but he might have a small reaction to either rice cereal or sweet potato.  Those were the first two foods he tried, and he ended up with colitis (sp?) which basically is just an irritation of his colon, and he ended up with some mucus and blood in his diapers... ew!  So I took him back down to just breastmilk, and then started with avocado on round two and all seems to be going well. 

Well, I will have more updates in a month or two when he has his next checkup.  I don't remember if it's at 9 or 10 months... will have to check my calendar!

Happy end of April!

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gina said...

oh no! not food allergies! poor little guy. glad the avocado is going ok, though. that is awesome Julie takes good care of him!