Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oly Updates

Helping Olaf get ready for bed is usually pretty fun, so long as he isn't overtired.  We have our routine down pat.  Some of what he does just makes me smile!

Because I want to remember it when he is 10, and no longer wants my help, I am writing it all down here on my blog.  Because I can.  Because it's mine. Hopefully it amuses Oly's grandparents too :)

First Oly goes potty ALL BY HIMSELF (emphasis his).  Then he runs around naked and always asks if I will sing the "Mickey song"  (hey Micky you're so fine, you don't understand, you take me by the heart when you take me by the hand) so that he can dance and shake his little booty.  Soon after, we get his jammies on then head into the bathroom to brush teeth.  He insists on brushing first, then giving me my turn where I slowly count to 20 while brushing those li'l pearly whites.  (Poor kid... he got my tiny little mouth... his baby teeth are already crowded and crooked... I see braces in this family's future...)  After teeth brushing we usually read 1-2 books in bed.  If we are not rushed for time, then sometimes it's 4-5 books.  Kid LOVES to read.  Finally it is song time.  Olaf requests that I sing "raindrops" (my favorite things) every.single.night.  I don't usually mind though.  He gives me Rosie the stuffed dog to sing with, and while I make the dog dance and sing, he always has Chelanny the giraffe pretend to be eating Olaf's blanky.  Sometimes Chelanny is joined by additional animals, most recently Pluto, and sometimes Blue-blue the dog.  Olaf is really not much of a stuffed animal guy, except right at bedtime I guess.  Finally we say prayers, then lights out.  Barring any falling out of bed incidents, all is well for him until around 6:00am!

I really do love our little routine.

Olaf is also saying funny things lately.  I think it's just because as his amazing little vocabulary expands, he is trying out different words, and slang, to see how it fits together and if it gets a reaction.  He's also showing little bit of compassion with words every now and then.  My favorite few recent ones:

Mommy: "Olaf, please come over here and put your underpants on."
Olaf, while itching his bottom: "Not just yet Mommy, I have a scratchy booty!"

Mommy: "Olaf, I am going outside to start the car, and then I will come back inside for you."
Olaf: "Okay Mommy, I will watch Forest while you are gone!"

(He also asked me this morning if he could come downstairs, because Forest would be alone all by himself... what a sweet brother... sometimes...)

Olaf, being melodramatic while downstairs by himself hunting for his water bottle:  "I looked everywhere!  I can't find it!  (sob...)  It's gone forever, it's not here.... (sob)
It was on the coffee table...

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Kristin said...

I need Oly to have a chat with the dude!