Sunday, April 3, 2011

New babes

What an incredibly lucky guy little Forest is.  In the span of 2 days, he gained a girlfriend, and the 3rd musketeer to his trio of little dudes!  (The second musketeer being his cousin, Kyler, who was born last fall).

On Friday April 1st, Shannon and Gabe welcomed little Maya Marie Cohen.
7 lbs, 4 oz of pure sweetness :)  She joins her big sister Chira, who is a good little friend of Olaf's.

Love this sweet little gal.  We met her on Friday - she's just beautiful!

And then yesterday, April 2nd, Jaimi and Nick welcomed little Dudley James Krenz.
8 lbs, 11 oz (holy moly!) of red haired cuteness! 

Dudley James

The daddies and their boys (Olaf was at home with Miss Kendra the babysitter)

Happy family of 3! Can you believe she just gave birth?  She is GLOWING and beautiful!

Dudley came a few days early, lucky for his mama.  Steve and I were so blessed to just happen to be in Wenatchee when he was being born, so we got to see him within the first hour he was here!  Love him!

I am so delighted that some of my very best friends are having babes... I like being in the same stages of life.  How lucky am I that instead of having to make "mom friends," my friends are mothers!  (some for the second and third times...)  and I can't wait for my remaining best friends (...y'all know who you are...) to someday have kiddos too! 

Also I am so impressed by both Jaimi and Shannon, who were amazing and strong women and had the babes totally naturally!  Tough as nails, those two :)  

Welcome little ones!

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Ranelle said...

Oh, yay for Jaimi, she will be (actually, all ready is) a wonderful mom!