Monday, August 1, 2011

Putting the "fun" in dysfunctional

That's what family reunions are all about, right?  We are all a little bit nutty, so perhaps that's why we get along so well :)

I am especially nutty these days, as Steve has been gone so much this summer... so bear with me in how far out these posts are spaced! 

A few weekends ago my folks hosted a big family reunion at their house here in Plain.  First one in TWENTY YEARS, people!  The last time I saw many of these people I was 10.  And it was in California.  And I had a bad perm, braces, and headgear.  (A REAL catch, lemme tell you).  Anyway, the folks that came out to WA were my dad's Chicago cousins, their kids, and their kids.  So that would be my second cousins, and Olaf/Forest's third cousins?  I don't exactly know.  Also in attendance were dad's sister Rhonda (aka Dad in a girl form) and her husband, and two of their kids.  (My cousins).

I think we were all a little apprehensive beforehand.  I mean, after 20 years, you wonder if you will even enjoy seeing these people?  Chicago city folks mixed with WA and CA country bumpkins?   What will we talk about? 

Well all that proved to be a mute point, as we all got along fabulously, and had a great time to boot.  I think I slept a total of 13 hours in THREE nights of sleep.  (Doesn't help that Forest still got up at 5 every morning...)  I mean, I was barely even drinking but the conversation was so lively that staying up until 1am wasn't even hard!  Those Chicagoans...  boy are they witty and quick.  I felt like a sloth just listening to their jokes and quips.  A sloth that constantly wanted to pee her pants from laughing so hard that is :)  We played kickball and volleyball, fliers up, horseshoes, "bags", water balloons, and ate a lot of good food and drank some delicious tasty beverages.  And my little sister led us all in some sweet song and dance moves to the hip-hop blaring off the back porch at midnight (love you Kendra).

Here are some awesome photos to remember the weekend by.  I can't wait to visit Chicago next, and hopefully northern California too!

(Pay no attention to the fact that Olaf and I are the ONLY ones not looking.  Oh, and Erick too I guess)

Family.  Love 'em.
Oh and in case you are wondering, those shirts have little birds on the front.  "My Peeps"
Oh and also if you are wondering, there were 7 children there.  All boys. Where's the girls?
Oh and lastly if you are wondering... that's the truck I learned to drive in.  3 on the tree, baby.


Kendra Renae said...

you know I learned my dance moves from you!

gina said...

3 on the tree?! that's awesome. i need to learn how to drive one of those! looks like a great family!

Kristin said...

What a fun family it looks like you have lady! And I wish you could be at Blogger Brilliance too! Hopefully next year...XOXO