Friday, August 19, 2011

list of lame excuses to myself

I do realize that it's been quite a long time since I posted.  (Sorry Grandmas!)  There are many reasons.

  1. Hello, it's sunny outside.  Who wants to be inside when it's sunny outside?
  2. I don't have a ton of new things to share.  We are just trying to survive here!  Steve has been home for about 10 days since early June, so I don't have any family activity pics since family camp...  We are all a little worn out from this summer...  Definitely puts a little stress on the family unit.
  3. I feel guilty playing on my blog when there are chores to do or when the kids are awake.  Since I also have bills to pay and other computer stuff to do, that pretty much takes up weekend naptimes.  And weeknights are usually reserved for laundry and 30 minutes of TV.  So... blogging takes a backseat.  Which makes me so sad because I love keeping you all up to date on it!
  4. My dumb blogger app for my iPhone stopped working correctly and I can no longer post pictures from it.  Lame!  What's a post without photos of the boys?  That was my convenient way to post a little at a time.  Ah well.
Perhaps I will be able to post this weekend with a few pictures borrow from a friend's picasa site!  Lucky for you all I am sick with a headcold, which means I feel less guilty sitting on my booty :)

Happy Friday, people.  I am off to take care of the little people.

1 comment:

grammy said...

You do not have lame excuses, you are a mom, you work outside the home, and you are awesome! Our grandsons could not ask for a better momma!