Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mr. O turns the big 01.

My dear son,
One year ago was quite a day. Quite a week. Quite a month... You came into this world slowly. EVER SO SLOWLY. Dear little Olaf you were so content to stay in my tummy an extra week... then 8 days, 9 days, 10 days. Well we had enough at that point so into the hospital we went to induce (entice) you into coming out... and it still took another day! So 11 days past your pull date you finally made an appearance to an adoring crowd. Most adoring of course were me and your daddy -- We were so proud of you already! You had all your parts, a head of dark hair, chubby wubby cheekies, and of course your daddy's big old Saugen dimples! Everyone knew you were your dad's son!

Well it has been one whole year since then. HOLY MOLY YOU ARE ONE YEAR OLD?!?!?! I swear you went from infant to toddler overnight! You are now a walking, talking, singing, throwing, pulling, pushing, tooting, laughing, grunting, smiling, hugging, kissing, grabbing, shaking, eating, pointing, loving little boy. My little boy. I love you and can't WAIT to see what the year has in store for you and us. I hope and pray that you keep on growing healthy and strong, kind and caring. We are SO blessed by having you for a son. Thank you Lord for my wonderful Olaf.

Why is everyone singing this song to me?

Oooh, open flame...

Olaf actually hated the cake... or hated the feel of frosting on his fingers... whatever it was, he never ate any of it!

Miss Ingrid... will dance to any tune she hears!

Micah is such a big boy and a cutie to boot!

Later in the day it was pool time!


James & Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Olaf! Good work mama Jenn, you made it through one year of motherhood! hooray!

ann said...

Happy Birthday, Oly! We can't believe how quickly a year rolls by. I guess we're just having too much fun.