Wednesday, June 10, 2009

one to the ten

My friend Brooke tagged me with a photo quest... and because I am staying up late right now watching a recorded SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (yes I do think I can dance, by the way) I am just going to have to do it!

The rules are as such...

ONE open your first photo folder
TWO now scroll to the tenth photo
THREE post that photo and story on your blog
FOUR tag five friends to do the same (or at least a few)

So here is my ten in one:

Hmmm, that's a photo that Steve-O took of me and my doggy Chelan in the office of the first house we ever bought in good old Lacey :) (I know a few of you recognize that room) This is Chelan's party trick. She likes to ride around piggy back. Kind of funny for a 75LB dog... but also quite entertaining.

Bonus... I love this hair of mine in this picture... it ALMOST looks like sweepy bangs, something I have NEVER been able to pull off... nice!

And now I TAG --
Mika @ That's What She Said
Kristin @ BonBonRose
Ann @ Another Cardinal Year

Let's see y'alls photos ladies!

ps.... Isn't it fun to play with COLORS?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn! your house looks fantastic! We must come see it! Can you believe your little man will be 1 soon? Oh by the way...our blog is up and running again.
Keep in touch.