Sunday, June 7, 2009

flooring and porches and beams, oh my!

We have been off and running the last few weeks on the house. Probably because we've had a lot of folks here helping us out! We were home this weekend so I actually had time to help out a bit - installing can lights, vacuming, vacuming, vacuming.... cleaning the showers/tub. It was nice to actually feel like I am getting to work on the inside instead of just designing and supervising. And of course I am in charge of landscaping just because I love it. So anyway, below are a few pictures of our progress. Aren't the beams on the front and back porch beautiful!

Front porch -- perfect for a table and two chairs and hanging baskets of flowers

Gorgeous. We used the old chicken coop wood for the roof as you can see.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the color variations!

Back porch off our master bedroom


♥Aubrey said...

Oh i can just imagine all the pretty flowers hanging from those beams. And your wood flooring...i'm soooo jealous!
Your progress is coming along nicely. You have such a vision with this design...can't wait to see it finished :)

James & Kristin said...

Wow, the house looks beautiful! Love all the wood beams and flooring. Keep up the good work, you're getting closer!

brooke said...

goodness jenn your home is just gorgeous! i cannot wait to see the finished result!

and um...if you love landscaping so much can you come do mine pretty pretty please?!? thanks!

Joanna said...

Yeah! So nice! You'll be in soon!

Mika said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. LOVE your house. It is already beautiful.

Mariya said...

I can't believe how much is done since the last time I saw it! Maybe I should make a trip home to see it in person :)

ann said...

1 word... WOW! Kyle and I are loving it. Can't wait to see it in person.