Friday, October 1, 2010


Gigi = Great Grandma.   (Steve's Grandma)
She is one of the main reasons that I blog.  Hi Grandma Riley!  I think she is our most faithful reader :)  So of course we had to take little Forest to meet her for the first time!  We headed over to Oak Harbor early Monday morning, spent the day/evening there, then headed home on Tuesday.  We had such a great time!

We even got to take the Ferry from Mukilteo to Clinton, which was a treat for Olaf (and us).  Steve has a particular way of riding the ferry (since they rode them so often as kids), which he's been doing for years and years, and is now happily teaching Olaf.  Basically the minute your car is parked, you leave it (and your wife) in the dust and race to the back of the boat, to make sure that you see it motor away from the dock.  Then once you are a few hundred feet out, you mosey up to the front of the boat to watch the scenery.  Once you get close to to dock on the far shore, you go to the very front of the boat to watch it dock, then you RACE back to your car which your kind wife has unlocked and ready for you to load up into so that other ferry drivers don't get mad at you for being late and holding up the unloading.  I didn't mind being the car locker and un-locker, and Olaf got to see all the churning water from the motor.  So it was a good way to enjoy our ferry ride!

P.S.  Isn't my husband SO GOOD LOOKING?  Seriously.  What a hunk.

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