Wednesday, July 22, 2009

boot boot boot boot!

Translation: "book book book book"! (accompanied by big eyes and a pointing finger)

I love listening to Olaf babble. He has a few words that he uses regularly that sound... well, close to what they should be :) Here are the words in the Dictionary of Olaf:

Daddies! (doggies!)
Dada (Daddy)
Boot (book)
Baba (bye bye, or bottle, depending on situation)
Peace (please, only used occasionally)
NO! (NO!)
Uh-oh (uh-oh)
Mama (mama)

It's fun to hear him sounding out letters and sounds, even if they don't form any words just yet. We gave up on signing a while back because he is pretty good at telling you what he wants, though he sometimes signs for milk or please. Sometimes. Rarely.

I am just enjoying watching my little boy grow and change.
And am thankful for the blessing of him in our lives!


Susan said...

I love reading about my grandbaby, his mama and daddy and all that goes on in Plain....thx Jenn, makes me feel like I'm next door sometimes...missing you all - sue/ma

Kristin said...

Listening to the dude's gibberish makes my day too!