Sunday, July 26, 2009

One thing at a time.

We are about 2 weeks(ish) out from moving in... good thing too because when I went to peek in on sleeping Oly in the truck camper, I discovered that he is just a few inches short of outgrowing the pack&play! Whew, he'll be back in his crib in the nick of time :)

Guest room - just needs carpet!

Master bedroom -- gets afternoon sunshine

Back deck off master - isn't that whimsical with all the cedar shakes?


Kitchen. Not quite there yet, obviously.


Joanna said...

I can't wait to come visit!

♥Aubrey said...

WoW!!! That's amazing how quickly...well slowly for you that it's come together. It looks GREAT :) I bet Olaf can't wait to be in his own crib again. My kids always used the pac-N-play too. Thanks for sharing the photos. They deck is wonderful and i can see you two out there drinking coffee.

brooke said...

oh man!!! i love love love it!!! that deck is amazing...and the exposed ceilings...the kitchen...the lighting!!! BWAAAA!!! i want to move in! gorgeous lady...your dream in reality form...lucky lucky gal!

Krysten said...

Jenn your house is gorgeous! How exciting that you guys will be able to move in before the summer is over. :)

Kerwin said...

Two things...First, Happy anniversary. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your marriage and camping out. Also, we looked at the pics of the house and it's amazing! Love, love, love the corrugated metal in front of the breakfast bar. Can't wait to see the final pictures. xoxoxo
ang and russ