Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last Friday (7.ten.09) was Steve and my 5th anniversary. We don't have a ton of money at this moment in our lives so we kept it simple, and did something we haven't done in a LONG time - went climbing! We hit up XY crack after I got off work. I was quickly reminded how I am alternately exhilarated by, and terrified of, climbing. (really it's the falling)

This would be right before the falling takes place.

This would be after the falling takes place... Yes I am flexing. Yes I realize that is an impossibly small bicep. Whatever.

It was AWESOME to get outside and PLAY! Picking up Olaf all the time has definitely toned my biceps/triceps, but has done absolutely zip zilch nada for my finger and hand strength. Hence the falling and scraping of the elbow seen above.

After a quick wash-up in the Icicle River down by 8-mile rock, we headed to my favorite Leavenworth restaurant, South, for a nice romantic dinner. Apparently I momentarily forgot that in a (very) small town there are no private romantic dinners.... but we had a GREAT time eating supper with Dave and Christie, and their friends Becca and Andy, Becca's parents, and their other friends Jen and Andy Barber. While listening to live local music, outside, white lights above... It was great. We were happy to spend the evening with eachother, good friends and a lot of laughter.

Love you hub.
You make me smile.
And make me feel good about myself.
You take care of me and Olaf.
And everything else. (Exept the bills. and cooking. i do those)


♥Aubrey said...

What a wonderful way to spend time together. Money doesn't buy happiness! Congrats on 5 yrs...and MANY more.

ann said...

Hooray for being married! So glad you guys found eachother! :)


♥Aubrey said...

Tag you're it! Check out my blog for rules pretty girl.

Anonymous said...

Well, Happy Ann. a little late! I can't believe it's been 5 years! Congratulations!