Tuesday, July 28, 2009

who would'a thought...

So I am tired.
This is a daily event after getting off work, running errands, picking up Olaf, going home, feeding him, cleaning him, pj's, bottle, brush teeth and story.
I actually don't mind - I love getting things done, and love getting Olaf supper and ready for bed.

Usually I am too lazy to cook a nutritious (translation: any type of) meal for myself unless Steve is home.
But tonight I was inspired by non other than McDonalds... WHAT?

I am combining:

Baked dino chicken nuggets. (They are seriously good)
Lettuce from my garden.
Ranch Dressing.

Sound familiar? Delicious and sorta low calorie snack wrap here I come!


sandra said...

my mom makes those all the time -- they're a quick and easy lunch or dinner.

i LOVE "stealing" meal ideas from restaurants. i have made so many meals that i originally on a menu.

That's What She Said said...


I've deleted my blog and restarted.. Well fixing to!

Anonymous said...

You're great! The house is really awesome, well from the pictures so I can only imagine how great it is in person...maybe one of these days we'll get over to see it! O is just a cuttie!

Kristin said...

Works for me! My little man loves those dino nuggets!