Thursday, October 29, 2009

bring your scarf, and mittens too

IT'S that lovely time of the year again when the weather turns from warm to cold.  Following suit, my office cubicle gets COLD too, due to the lovely single paned window, air intake, and the probability there's no insulation in the walls.  (They are leftover trailers from Hanford after all.) 

AND my coworkers are all men.  Boo.  It's not that I don't mind working with all men, it's that I hate that they all have internal heating systems built into their bodies, and I do not.  So when the central heat turns to AC in the middle of the afternoon, (because it somehow in its warped computer mind, it thinks it's warm enough to do that), my cold cube goes from long sleeves required to blanket and heater required.  BumMER.  

BUT, to save the day, I have an archaic relic from about 1954 to to heat my space.  Work won't pay for a new, efficient heater, but it will pay the electricity bill on this contraption.  Looks like it could burn the whole place down, really. 

OH well, as long as I am warm, I really don't mind.

My coworker ripped this page out of his desk calendar for me and I love it.   I have it posted up behind my monitors on my desk.  Oh how I laugh at Dilbert cartoons.  I never really "got" them until I started working after college... but now,  dang, they sure do hit the nail on the head most of the time!  Hope you enjoy it too.  Happy Thursday.  Tomorrow is FRIDAY.  Yeehaw :)


Anne said...

Jenn, this is a great post! I too work in the wonderful cubicle world and require a space heater most of the year. I am "lucky" enough to have the vent right above my desk, so in the summer when it's hot outside, I'm freezing inside. Ahh the joys of cube row!

Kristin said...

Why are men NEVER cold?? Ahhhhhhh