Thursday, October 22, 2009

When I mentioned snow the other day, it was when I arrived home to this lovely bit of white flurry.  It managed to drop about 3 inches by the time I woke up... Not a bad thing, especially since Dave helped us get gravel on the driveway just in time!  Yay, no mudpit this winter!

Headed to Olympia last weekend for Oloan's 3rd birthday.  It had been too long since I had seen those cutie kiddos, let alone their mom and dad!  It was nice to have some down time Saturday evening with the Carters.  Tara and I even snuck away and left Randy with the sleeping kiddos while we went for a Margarita at the RAM.  Ahhh, fond memories of living in Lacey...  Tara tried to talk me into losing all my money playing poker at the casino, but I just was too chicken.  Plus I knew it would be super fun just to gab for a few hours.  So we did and it was wonderful.  The next day was good hang out time for kiddos, then a big partay.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLOAN!

 Here's what happens when you say "say cheese" to the Carter children - they GRIN and show their teeth and squint their eyes and ham it up.  When you say it to Olaf, he puts another cracker in his mouth like "what?"  Ah but I thought they were all so cute in their jammies watching cartoons and eating cheerios I just had to get this picture.

 Then OLaf fell off a kiddy chair into a kiddy table and whoops, black eye.  It proceeded to turn other colors throughout the week.  Currently it's green and purple.


It was great to have Steve home from Sunday through today because...  Sunday night we found out that two of the ladies at Olaf's daycare had H1N1 flu, so Monday Olaf stayed home with Papa.  Which is good because he ended up puking all afternoon... poor little buddy.  Apparently he unaffected aside from the throwing up, because his good spirits remained.  Tuesday afternoon I felt kind of blah, came home that evening and discovered that I too had whatever bug Olaf had.  Spent the last few days at home recovering... bleh.  Was it the flu?  H1N1?  We'll never know because I didn't want to drive an hour each way to the doctor.  But it's (finally, pretty much) over now which is GREAT!

When mommy is sick... Oly gets to watch a movie... which held his attention for all of 20 minutes.  Well, it was 20 minutes of peace!

Well there's the update for y'all.  
Sending love from Plain...


Joanna said...

Cute pictures! I'm glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Lovely snow! And adorable little prince...puking or not!