Tuesday, October 13, 2009

snow what?

Um, excuse me mister snowstorm -- October 13th, really?  Didn't you want to at least wait until Halloween like usual? Or later? 

Who am I kidding, I love you mister snow.  But please melt so I can get just a teensy bit more outside work done, like splitting wood and stacking it in the shed, picking up all the irrigation, sprinklers and hoses, and raking gravel.  Then you are welcome to come back with a vengeance!  Because this year I have a HOUSE with a MUDROOM and places to hang a ton of coats and scarves. YAY for changing seasons!


♥Aubrey said...

Ya for your NEW mudroom...i'm jealous ;)-
I want to see pics...we have rain down here. Show me the white stuff!!! Have a wonderful week and tell Steve we say hello.

joannaleeturcotte said...

Your house and snow sound lovely!