Monday, October 12, 2009

nothing much

Don't have much to report in these neck of the woods.  This last weekend Oly and I drove with Julee and Zoe to visit the boys in Kettle Falls.  It's quite a drive... like pretty close to Canada... about 4.5 hours in the car with little dude :)  He did pretty good for a boy who only wants to RUN RUN RUN.

Just a few pics to share --

1. Steve and Oly at the sampling station, right after Oly bounced his poor little face off the chip seal :(  Poor buddy.  Note the bloody nose, fat lip, and bruised forehead.   Wasn't his first digger, nor will it be his last I am sure.

2 and 3. Olaf is eating his grilled cheese and milk in the truck.  He REFUSED to wear hearing protection so there was no way I was letting him out :)  [well he was actually asleep for the first 2 hours] We were up at a gravel pit shooting all of Rene and Julee's sweet guns.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I actually got the hang of the 22 handgun.  Hoping that someone posts some of the close up shots on FB so I can repost them here so you all can see just how redneck I am becoming.  Just kidding, you already know! 

Yay, Monday is OVER!!

Wondering if it will snow tonight??

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