Saturday, October 24, 2009

saturday at home

Oly rolled out of bed in his Mickey Mouse pj's this morning and decided it was time to play with the doggies.  Chelan loves it!  Rosie was... less than thrilled as usual. 

mmm, don't mid the crazy bedhead and black eye...



I don't have any idea how, but Oly knows that the character all over his pj's is a mouse.  He kept stopping mid stride to point to his arm and say "mouse?"  Very cute.  New favorite word apparently because he keeps looking for mice in all our books.  Which reminds me that we really need some more books to read...  As a working mom, our toys hold interest a heck of a lot longer because Olaf has someone else's toys to play with all day.  And we usually spend weekends outside (at least partially) so his selection of toys in the house effectively fits into one small bin, plus a row of 15 books or so.  Crazy for a 16 mo. old, right?  I mean, that's really not a lot of toys.  I think I need to start hunting down deals on some good stuff for the kiddo.  I find that he is finally getting bored with what we have.  Blast.  I was hoping to make it until Christmas when the grandparents were in effect :)  Ah well, I admit I enjoy a trip to Target every now and then :)

Just got back from a lovely fall walk with Christie Dawn (aka my sister in law).  We walked the kids to the playground at Beaver Valley School, home of too many slides.  HOLY cow I think slides at playgrounds should be banned.  Okay I know that's ridiculous, but seriously everytime you turned around one of them was climbing some ladder or stairs!  It was exhausting but fun for the kids and for Christie and I to get outside.  Just got home to some soup and put Olaf down for a nap.  Now my options include: bake cookies, or take a nap.  Mmmm, both sound good and unproductive.  I think I will try to squeeze in both.

Happy harvest Saturday!


Kristin said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, SO cute! Don't you just love them in their pjs?

sandra said...

u get a lot of books for my classroom at goodwill or other thrift stores. do you have any where you live?

mommywonderland said...

He is getting so BIG..He is a doll Jen!