Saturday, October 30, 2010

2 months old

2 months.  Wow.  My (most likely) last baby is growing up WAY TOO QUICKLY for me!

Forest.  Already there has been so much change in your tiny little body.  Small chunk rolls are starting to form on your upper arms and thighs.  You can hold your head up for pretty good extended periods and then BAM it goes all wobbly again :)  Then you pick it up again to view the world.  I swear you seem to know exactly what's going on.

I love when you SSTTTRRREEEEEEETTTCCCHHH both your arms above your head and scrunch up your face so that only your huge Saugen lips are showing clearly.

Everyone has an opinion about who you look like - most say Daddy for sure.  Some say Mommy.  And I myself don't really see anyone but Forest in you.  I can't pick out either side of the family dominant in you.  However you do have your daddy's giant lips, and every now and then at a certain angle, I see Auntie Kirsten's baby pictures replicated in your face.

 I LOVE this view of your peaceful self while we are walking... so content

Unless you are in a really good sleep, you make constant noises just in your breathing!  Luckily daddy and I are usually so tired that we are able to fall asleep to the sound of it.  You are still sleeping in our room in the cradle that PopPop Moritz made for me and my sisters when we were little girls.

You LOVE people.  Looking at them, interacting a bit, SMILING (since 6 weeks), being held.  You track me with your eyes and head as I move about and if I stop right in front of you and smile, you will usually smile right back :)  Lucky me!  It's an adorable smile.

When you are sad, all I have to do is pick you up and you stop crying almost immediately.  You do not like to be left alone unless you are very tired or asleep.  If I set you in a room to look around, then leave the room with Olaf for another room you let us know you don't like it!  (Olaf usually says "Mommy - Forest is CRYING!  He wants you to pick him up!")  All I have to do is go back for you, pick you up and move you to the new room to sit, and you are content to watch the happenings.

You seem to adore your big brother.  He loves to come to wherever you are, put his (huge) head against yours and say "Hey little buddy, you're okay!"  I often think he might be squashing you but when he pulls his head back up you just look up at him with admiring eyes.  Oly also loves to sing his ABC's to you when you are sad, however he refuses to sing them unless you are crying.  Apparently the ABC's are only for when you are not already happy.

You definitely have a new cry too - the frustration cry.  It usually comes when we are nursing but are taking a burp break.  You sound SO annoyed with this cry, like I should put you back on the boob immediately.  Like snap to it, Mommy!

You first started smiling at us between 5 & 6 weeks old.  It is so precious!  None of those crazy Saugen dimples, but some uber-cute laugh lines around your mouth.  You features (aside from the ever expanding double chin) are still very delicate, just like when you were born. 

You are finally out of your newborn sized clothes, and are wearing 0-3 months.  We should get a few more months out of them - YAY!  At your checkup yesterday you were riding those 50% lines right up the charts.  Totally average sized, which is great!  After having one chunky baby, I am excited to have one smaller one.  You now weigh 11 lbs 6 oz., are 23 inches tall, and have a 15-inch head. 

Forest, I just love you so much, I could go on for pages.  As you keep growing, I find new things every day that you do which fascinate me and make me so happy.  But I will just save it for a new post.  Keep smiling buddy - it brings so much joy to people around you. 

Love, Mommy

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